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Natural History Museum scientists explore the past, present and future of life, the Earth and the solar system using its globally important natural history collections. They seek to understand the diversity of the natural world and the processes that generate it, and to use the knowledge gained to promote responsible interaction with the natural world. NHM science has a strong, wide-ranging, organismal and evolutionary focus, across the tree of life (from microbes to large vertebrates), in a range of habitats around the world, complemented by expertise in natural resources and in earth processes over varying time scales. The museum has a long history of research collaborations at the institutional and individual level, and with student supervision, also offering a range of opportunities to engage with different audiences.

The NHM is interested in co-supervision, offering access to facilities, data, training courses, expert advice and work placements, and in supporting public engagement activities.

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Research keywords

biodiversity, disease vectors, evolution, natural resources, phylogenetics, solar system