Save the Elephants

About us

Based in Kenya, Save the Elephants (STE) works to secure a future for elephants. Specialising in elephant research, they provide scientific insights into elephant behaviour, communication, intelligence, and long-distance movements and apply them to the challenges of elephant survival. Education and outreach programs share these insights with local communities as the true custodians of this rich heritage. The team works towards a future of harmonious coexistence between humans and elephants. High-tech tracking helps plan landscapes while low-tech beehive fences, among other tools, provide farmers with protection as well as income. STE has a rich GPS tracking dataset from numerous locations across Africa, with a focus on Northern Kenya and more recently Tsavo, and is interested in new forms of analysis to investigate fundamental questions. A long-term monitoring dataset based on individual elephant recognition has been collected since 1998, from our research centre in Samburu National Reserve. Our Human-Elephant Coexistence Research Centre is based in Sagalla Village in Tsavo, a hotspot for human-elephant conflict where novel deterrents (such as the beehive fence) have been trialed since 2015. We operate a competitive internship programme at either study site. 

Contact information

PO Box 54667 Nairobi 00200, Kenya


Research keywords

Elephant, behaviour, movement, ecology, human-elephant conflict, communication